"You do not need to be a politician or related to one to be a successful leader. Most politicians are indirect leaders."


"You must actively listen to those you are committed to serve. It is in listening that you will find the problems that need attention."


"I have solved a lot of challenging problems over the years and I am ready to do more. I am excited to go to work for Northeast Wisconsin."


Women's Rights


I support the rights of all women to:


  • control their reproductive health
  • have the equal access to economic opportunities that men have
  • live a life free of violence


Reproductive Health

All women should have access to the necessary resources to understand, plan for, and protect their reproductive health.  In 1973 the United States Supreme court affirmed access to abortion as a constitutional right.   This right has come under attack in recent years via efforts to limit access.  I would stand strong against legislation intended to limit access to reproductive eduction, birth control, and abortion.


Economic Opportunities

Despite the continued rise in women pursuing higher education, significant wage gaps between men and women still persist.  When comparing women and men who both work full-time, women are earning 82 cents for each 1 dollar earned by men. Women make up 63% of those working at minimum wage jobs.  Women in management positions on average earn approximately 65% of what males in leadership positions do.


There are a number of reasons for the inequity including the fact that some industries that historically attract women such as home health and childcare pay less than male dominated industries such as construction trades.  Women also disproportionately are driven out of the workforce to become caregivers for family.  In addition, although discrimination is illegal, it does continue to persist.  The gap needs to be further closed through actions such as:


  •  paid family and medical leave
  •  continued education and breaking of industry specific gender barriers
  •  increased wage transparency


Violence Against Women

The national "Violence Against Women Act" expired in early 2019 due to the gridlock between the republican and democratic parties.  This act provided significant resources to the states for victims of violent and sexual abuse such as community violence prevention plans, rape crisis centers, and legal aid for survivors of abuse.  I will advocate for resources as necessary to prevent and/or protect the victims of violence.