"You do not need to be a politician or related to one to be a successful leader. Most politicians are indirect leaders."


"You must actively listen to those you are committed to serve. It is in listening that you will find the problems that need attention."


"I have solved a lot of challenging problems over the years and I am ready to do more. I am excited to go to work for Northeast Wisconsin."


Voting Rights


Will you vote to repeal Voter ID legislation that imposed costly

and unfair burdens onto segments of voters?


I oppose all forms of voter suppression


Do you support increasing the accessibility for voters to cast their ballot by mail or in-person prior to Election Day, as well as support municipalities to set their own hours of operation and have the ability to have multiple in-person absentee ballot locations?


I will support initiatives that increase voter participation without creating undo fraud risk.  This includes expanded use of vote by mail and expanded ballot locations.


Do you support reforming how Wisconsin draws its legislative and congressional district boundaries, including creating a non-partisan body that is responsible for redistricting?


I do support a transparent, non-partisan redistricting process. The gerrymandering of districts in Wisconsin is harmful for the following reasons:


  • Gerrymandering results in a disproportionate share of seats being awarded to Candidates from the party who developed the maps.   This becomes obvious when comparing the percent of districts won to the percent of popular vote earned. For example, in the 2018 Wisconsin senate races the Republicans Candidates received 52.3% of the votes but were awarded 64.7% of the seats.


  • Gerrymandered districts disenfranchise voters.  When a particular voting group is “packed” into a few districts, those living outside of the designed minority districts are in the position of knowing their vote is wasted.


  • Gerrymandering favors long-term incumbency.  A politician only needs to worry about appealing to their base rather than the entire district.


  • In a highly competitive environment like we have in Wisconsin, utilizing analysis tools to strategically review geographic population voting data to gerrymander districts results in “tipping the scale” to favor the majority party.  As such, the will of the people is not honored.


  • It is vital the process be transparent and non-partisan to ensure the following:


  • The maps fairly represent the diversity of the population being re-districted inclusive of race, religion, sexual orientation, etc…


  • Maximize voter engagement so the result of elections are representative of each district's unique community.


  • We need logical geographic lines that represent real communities such a city and its surrounding villages who likely share common problems.


Governor Evers proposal for the Advisory Commission is a good one.  Scott Jensen made a recent proposal with the goal of ensuring that the partisan Wisconsin Supreme Court decides any challenges to the redistricting instead of the federal courts.  The proposal is a blatant move to continue with gerrymandering to maximum republican advantage.  Approval would mean continued disenfranchisement of voters.  In addition, it would effectively block any chance of a more cohesive legislature that would represent the true will of the people of Wisconsin. Jensen works in the private sector with the Alliance for School Choice and Chartwell Strategic Advisors. His interests in Wisconsin government are suspicious.