Priorities and Qualifications


My top priorities for a first term would include, increasing affordable access to healthcare, rebuilding the post-COVID economy, improving support for education, and taking actions to mitigate the impacts on global warning in Wisconsin.


My extensive professional experience has prepared me well to take on the role of state senator and work to address these issues.  This experience includes:


  • Financial Leadership  I was responsible for the financial operations and budgets of a $1B revenue segment of a complex healthcare system.  I also was controller for the Oneida Tribe of Indians.   Have skill in working through complex budget issues, prioritizing capital investment and working with government grant accounting.  I also developed a strong working knowledge of healthcare payer programs and the health insurance industry


  • Operations Leadership  I was responsible for the operations of three hospitals and 250+ physician practices.  Through those experiences, I was able to develop a highly successful market area culture with the highest operating margins, highest employee engagement, and one of the highest patient satisfaction results in the system.


  • Collaboration & Persuasion  It was my role to bring together the various pieces of the operation to collaborate to achieve outstanding outcomes.  This meant balancing investment in programs to improve community health verses those that made a profit.  Many difficult decisions were made.  In addition, it was my role to represent and advocate for funds for my service area for capital projects and acquisitions.   I had to persuade other system leaders to allocate funds for my projects over others.  I was very successful as evidenced by the system agreement to purchase the Marinette hospital and subsequently build a new one, the purchase of an Ambulatory Surgical Center in Manitowoc, the construction of an ASC in Kaukauna, and numerous expansions at Aurora BayCare Medical Center.


  • Community Support  I currently serve on the board of Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin.  In the past I have been on the board of Cerebral Palsy.  When in my most recent role of Market Area President, I formed a philanthropy committee to encourage the employees and business partners to give back to the community.  We raised over $40K for the local free clinic in year one, and $170K for the Jackie Nitschke Center over the next tw years.  In addition, I was on the board of ABMC, and advocated for high impact community investments such as the Marinette REC Center.