"You do not need to be a politician or related to one to be a successful leader. Most politicians are indirect leaders."


"You must actively listen to those you are committed to serve. It is in listening that you will find the problems that need attention."


"I have solved a lot of challenging problems over the years and I am ready to do more. I am excited to go to work for Northeast Wisconsin."




Will you support repealing 2011 Wisconsin Act 10 and restoring all collective bargaining rights that previously existed in Wisconsin Law?


I will support restoring the collective bargaining rights of WI public employees.  What occurred was unfair to the union members who had negotiated “packages” inclusive of benefits and working conditions.  There is no reason to restrict bargaining rights to wages only.


Will you support repealing the so-called “Right to Work” law?


I believe that workers have been harmed by the “Right to Work Law”.  The voluntary payment of dues has greatly reduced participation in and funding of unions.  It is too tempting for individuals to bypass union participation for the short-term benefit of more take home pay.   The result is scales are tipped in favor of the employers and it allows them to “hoard” wealth for senior leaders / Shareholders instead of workers sharing fairly in the wealth they create.


Will you vote in favor of increasing the state minimum wage to $15/hour?


A living wage should be guaranteed to all workers.  The accumulation of wealth for the richest at the expense of the majority must stop.


Will you oppose any effort to privatize the Wisconsin Retirement System?


If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it !


Do you agree that the free trade deals like the TPP must be rejected?


This is a most difficult question.  We cannot ignore that economies are becoming more global in nature.  Free trade deals like TPP have potential negative fallout that we need to be wary of including:


  • Production of goods advantaged to take place in lower wage countries
  • Increasing income inequality in high wage countries like the United States
  • Indirectly supporting labor and environmental abuses to achieve maximum cost efficiency
  • Reductions in government tax revenues


Hypothetically some of the benefits might include:

  • Lower product pricing to offset loss of wages, however I am not convinced of this
  • Generate more product innovation
  • Strengthening of relationships with Allies for national security benefit
  • Removal of tariffs on imports from the United States provides a more equal playing field


I lean toward great caution with free trade deals due to the likely negative impact on the middle class and harm to workers and the environment in other countries.


Do you support legislation that requires the State of Wisconsin to create a preference on purchasing Wisconsin-made goods or services and/or American-made goods or services?


We should support purchases to be as local as possible assuming the product/service delivered is of similar quality at a reasonable cost.  We need to consider cost beyond specific product cost to include downstream value ( ie… support jobs  local jobs to stimulate the economy), environmental impact of Vendor,etc...