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Healthcare and Related Issues


What is your position on Medicaid Expansion in Wisconsin?


I strongly disagree with the rejection of the federal funds to expand Medicaid.  Wisconsin is one of the 14 states that have not accepted such funds from the federal government. This decision has cost Wisconsin Tax Payers approximately $1.1B through 2019.  Wisconsin residents are paying federal tax dollars to subsidize the cost of Medicaid expansion in other states.


The Republican decision to reject federal Medicaid expansion dollars will cost Wisconsin Tax Payers over $320M in the most recent budget.  Those funds could have been used in education or in programs to address the social determinants of health that lead to poor outcomes for marginalized communities in our state.  The WI Republicans should be ashamed of putting party ahead of public interest.


Affordable access to healthcare should be a basic right for all citizens of the United States; including Wisconsin.  The state has a responsibility to advocate for and provide for such to the extent possible.  A recent Marquette University poll found that 70% of respondents support Medicaid expansion acceptance for Wisconsin.  Our state government has fallen short by not taking the federal money to the detriment of all citizens.