"You do not need to be a politician or related to one to be a successful leader. Most politicians are indirect leaders."


"You must actively listen to those you are committed to serve. It is in listening that you will find the problems that need attention."


"I have solved a lot of challenging problems over the years and I am ready to do more. I am excited to go to work for Northeast Wisconsin."




Would you support a transportation budget that prioritizes transit and local road aid instead of Highway expansions?  Explain.


Yes, I do support it for multiple reasons.


  • First, Wisconsin roads are in a state of disrepair, especially in rural areas.


  • Secondly, we continue to experience “brain drain” for the prime working age segment of the population who appear to seek a city lifestyle that includes high speed transit options and walk/bike friendly neighborhoods.


Applications to the recent $75M Multi-modal Local Supplement program totaled $1.5B in projects costs identifying significant unmet needs across the state.


Do you support ideas to generate revenue for our roads and infrastructure, such as indexing the gas tax?


We need to stop the degradation of our infrastructure.  As with any physical asset, it ultimately costs more to fix if we don’t properly maintain the roads etc... In addition, Wisconsin will be more attractive as a place to live and do business if we are proactive in building and maintaining infrastructure.


Will you protect public infrastructure, the quality of public services and the long-term investment of taxpayers by opposing the privatization of public services?


I strongly oppose the privatization of traditional public services such as schools, prisons, immigrant detention centers, and roads. Profit motive should NOT enter into the operations of important public services delivered for the greater good of society.


Do you agree that the free trade deals like the TPP must be rejected?


This is a most difficult question.  We cannot ignore that economies are becoming more global in nature.  Free trade deals like Trans Pacific Partnership have potential negative fallout that we need to be wary of including:


  • Production of goods advantaged to take place in lower wage countries
  • Increasing income inequality in high wage countries like the United States
  • Indirectly supporting labor and environmental abuses to achieve maximum cost efficiency
  • Reductions in government tax revenues


Hypothetically some of the benefits might include:


  • Lower product pricing to offset loss of wages I am not convinced of this
  • Generate more product innovation
  • Strengthening of relationships with Allies for national security benefit
  • Removal of tariffs on imports from the United States provide more equal playing field


I lean toward great caution with free trade deals due to the likely negative impact on the middle class and harm to workers and the environment in other countries.


Will you support specific labor, job creation, and reporting standards in return for taxpayer assistance to business and oppose taxpayer funds going to companies that outsource jobs?